[TUTO] Rank Any Video In 2-3 Days (GSA SEARCH ENGINE RANKER) Advanced HOT Guide

What you need


2. You need a good VPS

The Guide

Aright now you have the setup you need the method…
Below you will see the step by step method you need to use.

Sit back and let me show you a step by step blueprint that will enable you to rank videos in no time at all…

1. Create the project:

2a. Copy the options shown:

2b. Copy second part of options:

3. Data and platforms + Read my message in boxes:

Based on spinning articles it’s not that difficult at all, in fact because your using videos it does not even need to be unique so your not going to get penalized anyway.
Head on over to an article directory and simply search for the closest keyword to your niche.

Needed Re Sources

— Download the Spinner Chief article spinner for free: http://www.spinnerchief.com
— How to spin articles using Spinner Chief: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkuZCnu7W-c
— Article directories to use: http://www.vretoolbar.com/articles/directories.php

Must Have Tools

— Indexer — You MUST use an indexer and the INDEXIFICATION is the best for me, honestly it’s awesome and you can: GET IT HERE<-=
— Captcha Solver — You need a Captcha solver and the GSA Captcha Breaker is the best on the market right now and gives me fantastic results.
You can use the following link and get 5% discount:BUY HERE

If you use the settings attached to the images and follow the data platforms and what not, you will be able to make blasts on your videos for around 4-5 hours and they will rank in no time.

Under the «Options» you can make some adjustments as well, so because you are using the VPS which has a lot of power, you can use high threads so whack it up nice and high:

— Threads to use: 600
— HTML Time-out: 100
— Custom time to wait between search engine queries: 10

Important — If you want higher success LPM rates, you should buy the VPS and also look into buying private lists that hold awesome links in the list.

Legends — I’m sharing this guide with you guys as a sign of appreciation to you for helping to support this fantastic forum. I was going to sell this guide but decided to share it with you all.
Please leave a thanks below for me as a sign of appreciation.

I DO want to see you guys succeed and hope you can see that!
Don’t forget to leave a thanks below on the thread.

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